Our Services : Video Editing Classes, Ethical Hacking Workshop, Computer Classes, PC/Laptop Repair, Routers Sell, UPS Sell, Printers Sell, Scanners Sell, Website Development, APP Development, Computer Components
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– OCN is established in 2016 as a leading e-learning platform for Nepali Citizens. Any one interested in learning via video tutorials & ebook are welcome here. You learn by watching our videos, and get certified with minimum rate of price.  

– OCN is founded by BIJAY ACHARYA

 OCN Services :

1) Online Free Classes ( Via Nepali Videos)

2) Certificate for videos you watched (@minimum price)

3) Ethical Hacking Workshop/Training (Max.5 Days)

4) Website Development (we can design website for you at 10% discount)

Head Office : I.T. Solution Pokhara, Nepal

“Donate us some of your amount, and help us to maintain this culture”

For more detail : +977-9846618997

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