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C++ Programming – Pt.1 : Basics & Hello World /w Video


  C++ is a general purpose programming language, that supports procedural, object-oriented & generic programming methods.

  Procedural : Orderly flow of control. We start from top of the problem design. Simply, involves series of computational steps.

  Object-oriented (OOP) : Focuses on ‘objects’ rather than ‘actions’ & ‘data’ rather than ‘logic’. Initially, identify all ‘objects’, & how they relate to each other.

  Generic : Algorithm/Functions somehow related, but can be specified later as they are needed.

Uses ‘Simply’:

  C++ is used to create ;

  > Computer Programs ‘Softwares

  > Applications (e.g. Photoshop, InDesign, e.t.c)

  > Video/Music Players

  > Video Games . . . A lot more

*even Windows OS implements C++ codes in some of it’s portion.

C++ as a ‘’OOP”:

  C++ completely supports Object-Oriented Programming, including the 4 pillars of object-oriented development.

  > Encapsulation : Combine elements & create new entity.

  > Information Hiding : Hides detail of object/function, and thus reduces the complexity.

  > Inheritance : Extracting properties from ‘another’

  > Polymorphism : Ability to assume/become different form as per specified. (e.g. ‘+’ will be used to add integers or join strings)

C++ Program : Printing ‘Hello World’

/* This program prints ‘Hello World’ on screen*/ 

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int main()


cout << “Hello World” << endl;

return 0;


Explaining ‘Hello World’ Program

/* This program prints ‘Hello World’ on screen*/  

The symbol /* . . . */ are ignored by the compiler, and are used to provide useful information about program.

#include <iostream>

> Tells the pre-processor to include the <iostream> header.

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> The <iostream> header defines the standard stream objects that input & output data.

> In C++, headers contain information for program to run properly.

using namespace std; 

All the elements of standard C++ Library are declared within namespace.

Will be covered more in coming videos. . .


C++ programs consists of 1 or more functions.

There should be only one ‘main’ function.

The brackets () indicates that the word ‘main’ is function and not a variable.

{ } 

These surrounds the body of function, which may have one or more instructions in programming.

cout <<

Library Function that is used to print data on the user screen.

“Hello World” : is a string that will get printed on screen.

; : a semicolon ends a statement.

return 0; : terminates the main() & return value 0 to the calling process. 

Find Video Lecture for this part here : In Nepali

Note :
– I used Camtasia Screen Recorder for Screen Recording.
– Software used for demo : Code Block IDE
– PPT Slides created by using Microsoft PowerPoint
– Custom Thumbnail/Featured image via cplusplus.com

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