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[How To] Youtube Monetization : Pt 1 – AD Format

How YouTube Monetization AD Works ???

YouTube displays four types of ads (Ad formats) on our videos

  • Skippable video ads
  • Non-Skippable video ads
  • Display Ads
  • Overlay Ads

Ad format youtube IMG SRC : GOOGLE/Youtube

All the above Ads are displayed on our videos as per YouTube’s algorithm referred as “Dynamic Ad Loading” so we don’t have any control about these Ads display, algorithm decides which ads are shown on our videos based on our content, region, and user interest.

YouTube monitors the user interaction with the Ads, for example if the user watches the full skippable Ad video then we get some share, if the user clicks on overlay ads then we get some share.

All our Ad earnings depend upon the user interaction with the Ads, if you have more views, a lot of user interaction with the Ads then you earnings will go up.

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