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I.T Workshop/ Ethical Hacking Workshop 5 [Project Questions Part 1- Day 1] , Pokhara Nepal

‪#‎project‬, I.T. Workshop5 ft. Ethical Hacking [DAY 1]

‪#‎warning‬ : this post is only for I.T. Workshop5 students, any other ‪#‎nhc‬ members are not allowed to reply/comment in this post. Doing so will get you banned.

√ Questions for Project are ;
1) Define following terms in your own words (no copy paste)
– Vulnerable – WhiteBox/BlackBox Model – Penetration Test – Archive Sites – Ethical Hackers – Crackers – Hiren’s Boot Disc – Exploit

2) Why rooting Android device is not considered as best approach from security point of view ?

3) Mention the process of revealing password behind asterisk from login field of webpage.

4) Mention 3 way handshake for complete session.

5) Assume that one of the Bank Manager called you, and said in words “Sir, check security rating/condition of our website” What will you do ? Start penetration test ? Or cancel the offer ? (You can answer your own thought). (Remember, this is tricky question).

6) Assume, your friend called you and said, “hey my sister’s gmail account is hacked, please hack it, change the password and provide me”….In this case, whats your answer ?

7) When your cell is lost, Nepal police can track it. How ? What exactly Nepal police needs to track your cell location ???


I.T Workshop/ Ethical Hacking Workshop 5 [Project Questions Part 1] , Pokhara Nepal

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