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I.T Workshop/ Ethical Hacking Workshop 5 [Project Questions Part 2- Day 2] , Pokhara Nepal

‪#‎day2‬ ‪#‎project2‬, I.T. Workshop5 ft. Ethical Hacking

‪#‎warning‬ : this post is only for I.T. Workshop5 students, any other ‪#‎nhc‬ members are not allowed to reply/comment in this post. Doing so will get you banned.

√ Questions for Project 2 are ;
1) Define Spyware. Give one example (example is discussed in class)
2) Define Deep Web/Dark Net (in your own words). How any one can access it ? (Give basic answer, no need of in-depth explanation)
3) What are the commands used for updating kali linux packages ? (Hint : mention only 2 commands, discussed in class)

4) Explain in detail about 2-Way Authentication (in case of gmail account).

5) Why RAM plays a most important role during OS installation in virtual environment ?

6) What is Footprinting ? (Mention 2 softwares/sites/method for footprinting)
7) Write something about HTTrack.
8) Installing Keylogger in anyone’s system without their knowledge/permission is a bad idea and can be considered a crime too ( depending on what you do with log files). Is it fine if someone does the same in your system ????? Explain your answer.


I.T Workshop/ Ethical Hacking Workshop 5 [Project Questions Part 2- Day 2] , Pokhara Nepal

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