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Join “Hackers House” for Ethical Hacking Workshop in Pokhara

Join “Hackers House” for Ethical Hacking Workshop in Pokhara. Starts from Jan 22,23,24 – 2017, Call :9846618997

More Detail :

– in Pokhara
– Only @Nrs.500
– Basic Ethical Hacking Workshop + Basic Video Editing Workshop
– For more detail : 9846618997
– 3 Days – Jan 22,23,24 – 2017
– Only for Beginners

Contents For Ethical Hacking are :

1) Intro to Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security
2) Information Gathering (Concept + LAB including whois, netcraft)
3) Scanning (Concept + LAB including NMAP, OS detection, Grabbing range of ip for analysis + more NMAP commands. Wireshark concept on eth0 for grabbing login credentials via HTTP)
4) Virtual Lab Building (LAB including VMware Workstation + Kali Linux and Win 7 OS Installation in virtual box)
5) Hacking (Concept + LAB including Trojan/Virus creation, SPYware lab) + Securing Mechanism
6) MSF Console Concept + LAB including PAYLOAD generation & Exploit + Securing Mechanism
7) Basic SQL injection concept + Web based SQLi Demo.
8) DD0S Theory + Working Mechanism Concept.
9) Basic Network Flooding with macof tool LAB.
10) SET Concept (LAB including Phising Demo & Securing Mechanism)
11) Windows Admin Account Pass Bypass Basic LAB.
12) Wireless Hacking Basic Concept + LAB including Dictionary Creation & Attack
13) Proxy Concept (LAB including TOR, Tails)
13) Cyber Attack News, Deep-Web/Dark-Net Educational Information, Attack Trends & Being Secure Tips.

Contents for Video Editing are :
1) Pinnacle Basics of Editing & Mixing
2) Premiere Pro Basics of Editing & Mixing
3) Cut/Join Videos
4) Layers in action/ Chroma Key Effects
5) Sound and Music Link/Unlink with Video
6) Creating Casting/Title for Videos
7) Screen Recording (voice+video)
8) Creating Final Movie from Project.

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For Seat Booking :
– First Come, First Serve (Those who fills form first, gets seat)

For Form,
Call : 9846618997

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