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BJ – As a VideoEditor

“I was in 6th standard in my school, & I got a chance to shoot a wedding video. My father is a coolest VideoGrapher & PhotoGrapher. He took me to the wedding, and said, “You control Video Cam, I will handle Photo Cam”. From then, I involved in Video Field too. 1 year after afterwards, he bought a Pinnacle Editing Card & Software, and the box was a kind Gift for me. He gave me, and said, ‘Set it up’. It was a kind of surprising moment. Because, I never did a video editing before, and no one taught me before that. For 3 days, I stayed at home, left school for 3 days. . . with the help of google & youtube, I managed to set it up and started a beginner level editing. . . . . Now, after 14 yrs, I am writing this, and Now I do video editing for Television Program (not a full time job, it is kind of they give me a task, and I wrap it up for them :), In addition to this, I provide video editing training in my office (+) to students of other institute of my city :). I AM A VIDEO EDITING TRAINER TOO 

 > > You can find, Video Editing Tutorial Videos [Nepali Language]  in my youtube channel HERE

> > All videos there, are made by me 🙂