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“Facebook” मा “Good Bye” लेखेर Kolkota का एक विद्यार्थीले गरे आत्महत्या

Kolkata: Class XI Student Posts ‘Good Bye’ On Facebook, Found Hanging From Ceiling Fan Next Day After Humiliation By Teacher

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On Wednesday night, when Class-XI student posted on ‘Gd byeee (sic)’, none of his many friends on Facebook would have thought that it he was bidding adieu to life. Next morning, Samprit Banerjee was found hanging from the ceiling fan of his Paschim Putiary home in Kolkata.
There is little clarity as to why the boy decided to end his life as no suicide note was found, it is being suspected that Samprit was upset after being reprimanded for his half-yearly examination results.
The parents as well as the classmates of the teenager accused a teacher of often humiliating him in the school. Samprit’s mother reportedly accused one accountancy teacher of physical and mental torture in front of his classmates.

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